Bomberman – Main Theme – By Auriplane

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Bomberman (NES) - "Bomberman" (BGM#1)
 Composed by June Chikuma

Tabbed by Auriplane (

This is a really short theme which has been  re-used in a million bomberman
 games, but I thought I'd tab out the original  ^-^

     S S S S E   S S E   E   Q        S S S S E   S S E   S S S S E
 e  |----7---------4-5---5---4-------|----5---------2-3---2-3---------|
 B  |------------7-------------------|--------2---5-------------------|
 G  |4-4---4-7-----------------------|2-2---2-----------------2-1-2---|
 D  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
 A  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
 E  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|

     S S S S E   S S E   E   Q        S S S S E   S S E   E   S S S S
 e  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
 B  |----7---5---4-5-----7-----------|----7---5---4-5-----7-----------|
 G  |--------------------------------|------------------------------3-|
 D  |4-4---4---------4-------4-------|4-4---4---------4-------4-4-6---|
 A  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
 E  |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|

Duration Legend
 W - whole
 H - half
 Q - quarter
 E - 8th
 S - 16th

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